Desktop or Laptop, or accessories


Physical On-Prem or Cloud Deployments

Mobile Devices

Phones or Tablets
or accessories


Switches, WiFi Access Points, hardware firewalls, etc.

Get the best devices and hardware you need today!

Utilizing our procurement resources, we source the hardware and devices you need to accomplish your business objectives today! Further, we are able to repair devices or work with your vendor in oder to get you back up and running quickly!

Simplify your IT needs! It will only take a minute

IT Solutions for Every Business

Whether you have one employee or 500, we have an IT Solution for you. With three models of pricing and features, contact us today to see how we can help you grow or save compared to your existing MSP.

Packages tailored to your business size and needs! We want to be your technology solution provider. We can come and manage everything or tailor packages to your business. Below are some of our basic packages, suitable for drop in if you have basic IT needs that aren’t being met. These packages can be tailored based on your unique needs, and serve as our baselines for organizations.


Offers unlimited devices, users, and support for your entire organization. This plan varies based on the subscription plan you decide is best fitted for your organization and goals.

Most popular for businesses looking to simplify their IT Solutions!

tiered support

A perfect option for businesses looking to get coverage for their devices and gain an understanding of Managed IT Services work. It’s a great way to trial the Blue Sphere Technologies IT Stack.

Great for those who don’t need a lot of support–but need protection!

A Le Carte

If you feel that you’d like to select aspects from our IT stack, we encourage you to utilize our A Le Carte service, decreasing your costs and meeting the requirements for your organization!

Best for those looking to augment aspects of their IT stack!


With a plan designed for small home offices, we provide the essentials to keep your protected and updated!

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